One of Alles' core values is protecting your privacy. We will never run ads that target and track you, we won't allow companies to misuse your data via our APIs, and we'll design our platform in a way to ensure that we don't exploit your data and profit from your every interaction.

Like nearly all websites, we use cookies and similar technologies to keep you signed in. Essentially, when you sign in to Alles, our servers give you a special token, kind of like a library card, that your browser sends back with every request so we can ensure that we know who you are and don't confuse you with other users.

We don't use any third party trackers or analytics tools, though we do use some third party services in specific places on our sites. On the registration page, we use Google's reCAPTCHA service to stop bots from making tons of accounts. Some data is sent to Google while you use this page, and it is subject to their Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

On your profile page, other users can see information such as your name, username, profile picture, rubies and follower count. If your account is public, they can also see your content such as posts. Only you can see a list of who follows you and who you follow. Your accounts are not publicly associated with each other, meaning you are free to create a secondary account to use anonymously, though we do not allow you to have multiple primary accounts.

The only way that we allow third party services to access non-public information about your account is through our OAuth api. When an application needs to connect to your account, you will be taken to the "Sign in with Alles" page, and you can choose which account to use, and see what data it needs. Use of third party applications are likely subject to their own Terms of Service and Privacy Policies. You should make sure to read them before signing in with Alles.

Your password is stored securely in our database, hashed with the Argon2 algorithm. This means the only time we have access to your plain text password is when you are signing in, and we never store it in this form. You should never enter your password on any site other than or its subdomains, and you should not give it to anyone, even Alles staff.

As Alles' range of services grows, the way each part interacts with the others becomes more complicated. We've designed our platform in a way so that only select services have direct access to the database. Most services communicate with each other via internal APIs, and data for individual services are usually stored in their own database that only they have access to, instead of the centralised Alles database.

Other than the first-party Alles email service, there is no email address tied directly to your account in the main Alles database. We may store your email address to send you emails about payments or newsletters. We will never provide your email address to any third party unless it is necessary for the operation of our services (eg. a payments processor), and you can unsubscribe from newsletters at any time.

We handle your data in line with data protection laws such as GDPR. We are working on ways to make it easier for you to export and delete your data from our services. For now, if you have a request, you can contact us via email.

Finally, we aim to be as transparent as possible. We value your trust about all else, and we take your security seriously, but things go wrong sometimes. Even if we merely suspect a data breach or security issue, we will keep you informed with the situation, and let you know if any of your information has been affected.

If you have any concerns about this privacy policy, feel free to email