Hey! Thanks for actually taking the time to read this. I know it's long, but it's important that everyone understands what's okay and what isn't. We're not too big on rules, but we have to draw a line somewhere.

You're not allowed to use any Alles services for spam, hateful, abusive, overly offensive or discriminatory content. We understand that everyone has a slightly different understanding of what this means, based on their political and personal views, but it's up to us what content stays on our platform. We reserve the right to remove any content for any reason.

In order to keep Alles a place that everyone can enjoy, we ask that you tag political posts with #political, and things that may be less suitable for some audiences with #nsfw. Failure to do this may result in minor consequences, and your posts will be tagged by our moderators. You're also not allowed to use Alles to intentionally mislead people (such as scamming), or to do anything illegal. We take this very seriously and it could result in termination of your account.

In most cases, we prefer not to suspend your account entirely. Instead, every user has a score that goes up when they positively contribute to the community, and down when they violate our rules. This score could affect what services you can access and how you can use them. We intentionally keep this score quite ambiguous and try not to state what affects it in order to prevent people from taking advantage of the system.

We will generally not allow refunds for payments except when required to by law. When you subscribe to Alles+, we'll charge you immediately (though we may charge less than usual on the first billing cycle if you are switching from another plan), and then at the beginning of every new billing cycle. The subscription will renew automatically, but you can cancel or update them from the Customer Portal (which can be found on the billing page), as well as manage your payment methods and view your billing history.

We only allow individuals to have AllesIDs, and they may only have one primary account per person. You may create multiple secondary accounts (accounts that are connected to your primary account).

If you find a bug, we'd appreciate it if you contact us about it. You can publicly disclose it on our platform, or create an issue on our open-source repositories. However, if you find a security vulnerability that could result in unauthorized people having access to accounts or non-public data, you must contact us via email to disclose it responsibly and privately, so others cannot abuse it. Failure to follow this procedure could result in serious consequences. Once we have resolved the issue, and if we deem it serious, then we may award you rubies or free Alles+.

If you have any queries about these rules, feel free to email archie@alles.cx.